WOPADOVI-Kenya, (Women Against Domestic Violence) is a Non Governmental Organisation (registration certificate number-OP.218/051/2010/0590/6813) based in Kenya. It addresses domestic problems facing the majority of women in Kenya, that are mostly ignored by law and isolated by the society.

The main purpose of the organization is to fight domestic violence in Kenyan homes and encourage settled stable families.

The Organization's specific objectives include,

  • To ensure settled lives in Kenyan families.
  • To seek redress for women affected by domestic violence.
  • To create jobs that will help in poverty fighting and independence among women.
  • To offer counseling services to victims of domestic violence.
  • To fight misuse of drugs among the victims of domestic violence as well as the perpetrators of domestic violence.
  • To educate people in the target group on importance of morality and family unit in the society.
  • The target group of the organisation is the women. The group includes wives, fianc├ęs, girlfriends, mistresses, mothers, sisters and daughters..

The human side of Women Against Domestic Violence-Kenya is what brings out it outstanding uniqueness. Deeply involved in community service, the organization takes the responsibility to empower women in bringing a general change to the community through active economic participation and protection of the society's back-bone which is the women themselves.
We believe that charity begins at home, only women from secure stable families can build a secure stable Nation.

We are located in the tourist centre of Watamu in Malindi, but serving in the wider Republic.